Risk & Safety

Risk is about undesirable events that may occur. There will always be a degree of uncertainty as to whether the risk will occur and about the impact it will have. Having the knowledge and overview of risks is therefore essential to be able to run projects / activities within the risk acceptance criteria one is willing to take.

Safety is the condition of being unlikely to cause or be exposed for danger, risk or injury. It is about controlling risks in the best possible way and encompasses measures implemented to limit the likelihood of a risk occurring.

Both Risk Management and Safety Management should be a part of the organizational culture to ensure that the organization has the same objective regarding to what level of risk that is accepted.

Risk Management

The purpose of Risk Management is to minimize threats and increase opportunities by assessing risk with respect to personnel, environment, financial impact, asset, production capacity, reputation, quality, schedule, security and barriers. Risk management increases the likelihood of the organization achieving its objectives and facilitates continual improvement of the organization.

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Safety Management

Safety Management is at systematic way to identify hazards and implement measurements to control the risks. It is important to follow up the risk picture and assure that the measurements are effective to control the risks related to the activity or project.

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