Flow Assurance

Polytec is a complementary supplier within the field of flow assurance. To ensure increased flow capacity of oil and gas from the Norwegian shelf to Europe we have developed world leading expertise about what’s going on outside the pipelines, inside the pipeline and with the pipeline itself.

Polytec has in-depth knowledge about sea floor temperatures and using our state-of-the-art sea floor temperature model we can predict temperature fluctuations over time and distance. Combined with our work improving the flow models of the gas inside the pipes we keep on pushing the flow capacity boundaries for our customers.

Polytec products and services also include leakage detection and modeling, flow simulations, local and global structural analysis of pipelines, damage analysis and pipeline network analysis.

Examples of services we provide:

  • Development of multiphase pipeline philosophy (Pigging/hydrate/wax formation/etc)
  • Development of CO2 pipeline philosophy (Operational impact on phase)
  • Capacity estimation and design of pipeline infrastructure (Evaluation of capacity based on operational data and determining diameter and steel thickness for new pipelines)
  • Evaluation of leak detection methods (How sensitive are the method/what causes false alarms?)
  • Independent assessment of pipeline modeling software (How accurate are the steady-state/transient models?)

Polytec has developed its own pipeline code which gives us full access to all parameters and detailed knowledge of how the calculations have been performed.

Polytec has strong groups within both oceanographic and pipeline modeling allowing us to provide service including not only pipeline modeling, but also the input from oceanographic models.

Polytec delivers complementary flow assurance services.

Polytec delivers complementary flow assurance services.