Meteorology & Oceanography (MetOcean)

Polytec has long experience in providing services within the field of oceanography and meteorology, tailored to meet the requirements of our customers.

Through our specialized department in analyzes of extreme atmospheric and oceanographic conditions, we supply services that are used in the assessment of the suitability of offshore and land based constructions, including offshore platforms, fish farms and wind turbines.

Polytec is also deeply engaged in operational analyzes. We provide statistical information of meteorological and oceanographic variables such as wind, waves, currents and temperature, as well as accurate forecast of the ocean bottom temperature, to be used as input to, for instance, gas flow simulations.

Data Analysis

Polytec has a long history in delivering a wide range of different analysis.

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Computer Modeling

Using different modeling tools Polytec’s MetOcean group can estimate near shore wave fields and forecast ocean surface waves. If large areas need to be studied direct observations are difficult. As an alternative Polytec employ modeling efforts using different ocean models. Wind fields over large areas can similarly be modeled using numerical weather models.

Furthermore Polytec has contributed to the development of a model which with a high degree of accuracy calculates ocean temperature at the sea floor in real time and also forecasts the future.

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Data Processing and Software Development

Data Processing

We process and analyses large oceanographic and meteorological datasets. Typical services are:

  • Standardization of data sets
  • Consolidation of multiple datasets
  • Dataset management
  • Statistics
  • Quality control of measurement data
  • Data optimization
  • Data assimilation
  • Data visualization
  • 4D data handling
  • Time series repair

Software Development

At Polytec we have long experience in developing computer programs and graphical user interfaces to meet the needs of our customers.

Polytec’s MetOcean group develops and operates a variety of innovative software systems for state-of-art applications in the field of industrial meteorology and oceanography. The group designs and develops graphical user-interfaces (GUIs) and data analysis tools for metocean datasets.