OLGA is the industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation. OLGA is used in feasibility studies, conceptual studies, FEED and detailed designs and is essential for defining operating procedures and control schemes.

Application examples: Transient thermohydraulics during start-up/shut-in. Optimal design for maximum operating envelope. Process and control system design. Flow assurance, investigating hydrates, wax, asphaltenes, corrosion, emulsions, scale and sand. Liquid inventory during pigging and rate changes. Slug mitigation and control.

Fluid systems that can be modelled: Oil and natural gas flowlines. Wet gas and condensate flowlines. Wellstream fluids. Dense phase flowlines. Single phase gas or liquid flowlines. Laboratory experiments. Full network capability. OLGA has full network capability, allowing for definition of converging and diverging transport and process networks as well as closed loops. This flexibility enables the engineers to simulate a set of applications such as well and pipeline networks, gas lift and complete process systems.

Developer: Schlumberger

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