Maritime & Subsea

The Norwegian Coastline is home for many world leading suppliers within Maritime & Subsea  Technology and Operations. On the seafloor of the North Sea lies the largest network of subsea pipelines in the world. Gassco alone is operator for more then 8 000 km of subsea pipelines.

The City of Haugesund hosts the most advanced Pipeline Repair System Base in the world, the Statoil PRS at Killingøy.

The development that takes place in Haugesund brings the operators deeper and enables them to operate in colder and harsher environements then ever before.

The region Haugesund and Sunnhordland is well known for its capability to design and operate the most advanced offshore vessels operating all over the world.

Polytec is an important partner for both subsea and offshore developments.

CFD services for maritime applications

Polytec offers advanced flow calculations and CFD related services to the marine sector, including hull design optimisation and simulation of wind, wave and current induced forces on vessels.