Oil & Gas

Polytec and partners have developed many groundbreaking technologies and is in the forefront of research in terms of increasing the utilisation of oil and gas reservoirs, including processing and subsea transportation. Polytec have contributed to maximum utilisation of the gas pipelines on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, increasing the capacity of the pipelines significantly. Polytec has […]

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Maritime & Subsea

The Norwegian Coastline is home for many world leading suppliers within Maritime & Subsea  Technology and Operations. On the seafloor of the North Sea lies the largest network of subsea pipelines in the world. Gassco alone is operator for more then 8 000 km of subsea pipelines. The City of Haugesund hosts the most advanced Pipeline […]

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Fish Farming

With our extensive coastline Norway manages some of the world’s richest fishing resources. Norway is the world’s second largest exporter of fish and fish products after China, and the world leader in production and export of salmon and trout. The seafood industry has been one of the major growth industries in the Norwegian economy in […]

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