The foundation originated in 1988 with the main objective of becoming the region's main coordinator for research and competence.

We are

Polytec is a research institute located in the heart of the energy region on the westerly coast of Norway. One of our main targets is to convert theory, methods and professional skills into solutions that help our customers businesses succeed. Our highly educated team of physicists, mathematicians and chemists continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and develop tools within our target areas that are more accurate and functional for our customers.

Polytec contributes, through research and development, to creating value in the region. Our goal is to convert our professional strength into solutions that help your business succeed. Whether your business needs complex project solutions or collaborative solutions between specialized suppliers. We wish to retrieve the whole potential – if it is gas, oil or renewable energy – Polytec aims for effective solutions.

Mission statement

Polytec was founded with the vision of creating significant values for the regional industry within the fields of energy, environment, gas technology and safety.

To realize this vision, Polytec has developed a significant number of specialists and has become one of the largest Regional Research Institutes in Norway.

To retain and build the team necessary for continuous improvements, Polytec is fostering a corporate culture that attracts and retains ambitious, curious and customer focused employees with high integrity who are driven to deliver under the slogan:

Rough Conditions – Reliable Answers!

Our history

The Foundation originated in 1988 with the main objective of becoming the region’s main coordinator for research and competence. Originally spawned out of Haugesund Maritime College under the name of Northern Rogaland Training and Development Centre – NROU, the Foundation changed its name to Polytec, and claimed total independence in 1995. Polytec is owned by the districts within the Rogaland County.

Some milestones in Polytec’s history:

  • 1988: Founded under the name Northern Rogaland Training and Development Centre – NROU
  • 1995: Changed name to Polytec and claimed independence
  • 1995: Framework agreement with Statoil ASA
  • 2001: Framework agreement with Gassco AS
  • 2004: Created QPC together with ResQ. Polytec’s share sold in 2006.
  • 2008: Institutional agreement with the University College Stord/Haugesund
  • 2011: Framework agreement with Kystverket
  • 2012: Framework agreement with Aibel
  • 2013:  Approved as a research institute by NFR (The Research Council of Norway)

Today, 25 years after the founding, Polytec is a preferred research partner with a growing workload. The foundation had a turnover of $8 million (2012) and 50 employees with high competence in all our core fields.

Our vision and values

After 25 year, Polytec has become one of the leading Reasearch Institutes in Norway.

Our vision is to become the preffered R&D partner for innovative solutions for the leading industry in Energy and Maritime Operations.

Our mission is to develop specialists and create value for our customers based on the internal core competence or by engaging a specialized international network.

Our goal is to be known for having the leading expertise and applied science within MetOcean, CFD & System Simulation and Risk & Safety.

Rough Conditions – Reliable Answers!

Giving back to society

Polytec believe it is important that children and young people get an interesting and educational upbringing. We are concerned that everyone should have equal opportunity to get the education they deserve and a chance to become a specialist.

It can be challenging for a young person to find direction and to have the ambition required to perform at a high level. Some also come from backgrounds where the possibility for a higher education is not granted.

Polytec is involved in children from seventh grade and until the completion of a Master or PhD. We are actively involved in schools from the classroom to “Forskningsdagene”, JA, Lego League, Master theses and much more.

Specialists from other countries are an invaluable resource for Polytec. Polytec therefore support integration efforts for children and youth through “Vardmodellen” where children from different backgrounds come together to create a safe and nurturing environment through the joy of football.

Among the Polytec employees there are individuals involved with Doctors Without Borders and other charities. We strive to attain an environment where our employees can work on interesting research projects and also travel on idealistic missions.

Polytec is an active supporter of the Norwegian Church Aid, Amnesty and “Byenglene”.