What's happening in Polytec

  • Wave forecasting

    Working for a safer coastline and offshore operations. Polytec MetOcean Department is a preferred supplier of analysis, models and forecasts.

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  • Nano Technology

    Polytec achieves breakthrough in anti icing using nano technology!

  • Remote Welding Habitat

    Designing and building a remote welding habitat to be used in automated welding of pipelines at great sea depths, where manned operations are disallowed.

What if….

You were able to foresee the pitfalls and consequences when new technology and processes are introduced…

Our specialists can simulate the unknown to answer all the big ifs!

About us

With 25 years of business we have established our unique Polytec culture; curious, thoughtful and solution-oriented.

We strive to develop ourselves on a daily basis and are always on the lookout to create value from new knowledge.

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Our Values

  • Curious
  • Ambitious
  • Integrity
  • Customer oriented

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